ProteasT20 World Cup Squad and Kit announced in the Digital Landscape by LootMogul: A Digital Revolution in Sports

4 min readMay 3, 2024


LootMogul orchestrated the phenomenal first ever Proteas Squad Announcement and Kit Launch in the digital universe, unlike anything ever launched before. This inventive initiative shattered the mold of traditional launches, transporting fans into a captivating digital arena brimming with interactivity and rich cricketing history.

A Portal to a Digital Environment

LootMogul’s expertise brought the Digital Twin environment to life. Cricket fans weren’t mere spectators, they were active participants in this electrifying experience. It was like stepping into a meticulously created replica of a renowned stadium, the energy of the crowd thrumming virtually. Here, fans could explore various interactive elements, delving deeper into the Proteas’ T20 legacy.

A Nostalgic Journey Through Jersey History

The path to the grand unveiling wasn’t a straight line. It was a carefully curated journey that celebrated the Proteas’ remarkable T20 journey. Fans had the opportunity to engage with iconic jerseys from past World Cups, sparking a wave of nostalgia and reigniting the passion for the sport. This interactive walk down memory lane not only heightened anticipation for the new kit reveal but also fostered a powerful sense of community and shared cricketing spirit.

The Proteas Take Center Stage in the Digital Realm

The culmination of this interactive odyssey was the much-awaited moment: the unveiling of the 2024 Proteas T20 World Cup jersey. Witnessing this reveal within the immersive digital twin environment wasn’t just about seeing a new kit, it was a truly special and unforgettable experience for the participating fans. The digital space crackled with anticipation, making the reveal a shared moment of pride and anticipation.

The Unforgettable Squad Announcement

The squad launch event was not just a mere reveal, it was a grand spectacle, a culmination of months of preparation and anticipation. Fans eagerly awaited the unveiling of the Proteas squad, knowing that this moment would set the tone for the upcoming T20 World Cup. As the event kicked off showcasing the players adorned in the new jersey, the excitement reached a crescendo. Fans from around the world gathered virtually, united in their passion for the Proteas.

Through LootMogul’s innovative approach, they felt a sense of belonging, as if they were part of the event themselves. And then, the moment arrived — the unveiling of the Proteas squad. With bated breath, fans watched as their favorite players were introduced one by one, each wearing the iconic T20 World Cup jersey. The virtual cheers echoed through the digital twin environment, as supporters celebrated the inclusion of their beloved stars. Through LootMogul’s digital twin environment, fans felt connected to the event, experiencing every moment as if they were right there in the midst of the action.

A Celebration Shared by All Cricket Fans

While the digital twin environment provided an unparalleled experience, LootMogul ensured that the entire cricket fraternity could be part of this historic event. The captivating video showcasing the squad reveal within the digital twin environment was strategically displayed on SuperSport during high-viewership moments like match breaks and score updates. This brilliant move ensured that even fans who couldn’t participate virtually were still included in the celebration, allowing them to witness the unveiling and share the excitement with the cricketing community.

A Watershed Moment for Fan Engagement

This groundbreaking project serves as a shining testament to the immense potential of digital twins to revolutionize fan engagement. By crafting an interactive and immersive experience, LootMogul redefined the traditional kit launch. It wasn’t just about revealing a jersey, it was about creating a shared experience that fostered a deeper connection between fans and the Proteas. Cricket South Africa’s bold embrace of this cutting-edge technology has set a new standard for fan engagement, demonstrating the power of digital experiences to unite fans and elevate their passion for the sport.

LootMogul pioneering a new era of fan engagement in the Sports Industry

LootMogul’s exceptional launch of the Proteas T20 World Cup kit in the digital twin environment marks a significant milestone in sports event innovation. Through meticulous planning and groundbreaking technology, LootMogul has set a new standard for fan engagement and marketing in the sports industry. The efforts of LootMogul in executing this monumental event demonstrate our commitment to pushing boundaries and transforming the future of fan engagement. By providing an immersive digital experience that transcends traditional event formats, LootMogul has paved the way for a new era of fan engagement in the sports industry.

This launch serves as a preview of what is to come, as LootMogul continues to innovate and revolutionize the way fans interact with their favorite teams and players. This event shattered traditional boundaries, transforming the Proteas Squad & Kit launch into a phenomenal spectacle. For the first time ever, fans and press media joined forces in the virtual arena, witnessing the exclusive squad reveal within the immersive digital twin environment. This wasn’t just a launch it was a celebration of South African cricket, shared by a community united by their passion for the sport which was made possible by tremendous efforts put in by LootMogul. With our sights set on even bigger endeavors, LootMogul is poised to reshape the landscape of the Sports World, ushering in a new era of excitement and immersion for fans around the world.




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