LootMogul Is Now Operating On Multiple Blockchains

One of the most in-demand developments in the world now is NFT technology. Many people and businesses are prepared to invest money into NFTs with the hopes of increasing their returns. The fact that most NFT projects are only created and developed on one or two blockchains, could result in limitations or setbacks. One problem that has arisen due to this method is a deficiency in interoperability, which is the capacity of two networks to exchange and use information freely and effectively. The development of NFT multi-chain systems provides a viable solution to these problems. These exchanges can potentially facilitate the development of new uses for digital assets and eliminate restrictions on their trading in the NFT market.

LootMogul has chosen to take the initiative in this direction. We are fostering hands with multiple blockchains so that all sports fans, athletes, and the community of LootMogul may access them more quickly. Isn’t that exciting? You do not need to go through the hassle of selling and buying on the same marketplace. We believe we have the best answer for you here.

Where can you find us?

To name a few, Polygon, Solana, Elrod, and Binance. That’s right; you read that correctly. Currently, LootMogul NFTs can be found on multiple blockchain marketplaces. Besides, you never know; you may not be surprised if LootMogul adds a few more blockchain platforms in the future!

Let’s dig into each one, shall we?


We’ve worked with Polygon blockchain for quite some time. Polygon is the best option for us for several reasons. They provide so many useful characteristics that it would be foolish to refuse them. Among the most alluring is Proof of Stake, scalability, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and speed. Polygon is a more practical and convenient alternative to Etherium.

It has been common knowledge that LootMogul Trading Cards are among your most beloved NFTs. We, of course, have minted them via the Polygon blockchain. Athletes featured on trading cards are an impressive variety. To connect deeper to your favorite athletes, we incorporated their unique personalities, fashion senses, and skills into the NFTs. The trading cards come with a slew of perks, including invitations to private sales and events, the ability to interact with the player’s avatar in the metaverse, and more.


You may have come across the name Binance before now. In the Binance blockchain, LootMogul has created over two collections: the Meta Avatar Collection and the Women in Sports Collection. Don’t you want to know why we choose Binance and what makes them so great? Binance has low gas fees, high transaction speed, easy interference, and security.

Meta Avatar Collection by LootMogul has a variety of athletes like Carlos Boozer, Xavier Kelly, Lisa Leslie, and much more. With the best-defined facial features and inner characters, LootMogul has designed NFTs inspired by athletes. Numerous women in sports have left us in awe. In honor of all the amazing women in sports history who have fought against the odds to get where they are today, LootMogul has created a collection of NFTs just for them.


With their cute little tails and horn, we have minted one of the cutest monsters in Elrond. You can purchase and trade the LootMogul Monster Avatar Collection in the Elrond blockchain. Do you think our little monsters are too cute to handle? We made them especially for you with the athletes’ wit and uniqueness. Each purchaser receives a big bonus in addition to the adorableness of monster Avatars. The NFT will include perks such as access to upcoming sales, partying with the avatar inside, engaging with the athlete, free tickets to games and concerts, and more.

In vetting the most promising blockchains, Elrond stood out for several reasons. The features like high security, scalability, and adaptable smart contracts attracted them to us on a large scale.


Who here has not heard of Solana? With its impressive benefits, including Proof of History, low costs, scalability, security, etc., Solana has quickly risen to become one of the most reliable blockchains currently in use. But what exactly does LootMogul provide? LootMogul has our prestigious video NFT collections minted in Solana. Each athlete featured in the collection represents their unique skill set, physical prowess, and personality. A few examples of athletes are Carlos Boozer, Xavier Kelly, Lesa Lelie, Raquel Pennington, etc. There are several perks to buying these video NFTs, such as early access to upcoming LootMogul deals, invitations to private events and concerts, surprise airdrops, and more.


Choosing DigitalBits as our multi-blockchain partner was bliss! DigitalBits is proven to be efficient, fast, and promising. Being from a sports background, DigitalBits bonds with LootMogul in a unique way. Their brand ambassador David Beckham, one of the best sports stars, gives the sports metaverse a ray of hope for tomorrow.

LootMogul is planning to mint our own token, ‘ MOGUL,’ on the DigitalBits platform. Growing with a community like DigitalBits has given us the power and strength to stretch our strategies and create a sports metaverse. Both communities will be working together for a unified goal.

What’s in there for the future?

We want to be the one who brings you to the world of metaverse and NFTs. LootMogul wants to be a pioneer in building the metaverse into life. Apart from the blockchains mentioned, we will also operate on other blockchains as per the user’s requirements. We will also collaborate and expand the number of Metaverse platforms for which our products are appropriate and create innovative and engaging platforms.



LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse that is powered by multi-player blockchain mini games, virtual properties, digital collectibles with IRL rewards.

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LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse that is powered by multi-player blockchain mini games, virtual properties, digital collectibles with IRL rewards.