LootGirls — LootMogul’s budding women athletes: explore our female ambassadors revolutionizing the sports metaverse & gaming platform

5 min readMay 18, 2023

LootMogul, a fast-growing sports web3 gaming and e-commerce platform runs with the motif of athletic engagement and expansion of the community by onboarding genuine sports fanatics and professionals in the meta space.

With a collective team of around 350 athletic professionals from FL, NBA, UFC, etc, several sports teams, and budding, young athletes, we are a one-stop, versatile sports platform that unlocks the journey of Web 2 gaming enthusiasts in the world of web3 metaverse that is powered by secured blockchain technology and comes with IRL benefits.

The association of four young and talented women ambassadors marks the beginning of the empowerment of female athletes through our one-stop meta-gaming platform. Women athletes belonging from any and every field of sports, whether they’re seasoned gamers, die-hard sports fans, or budding high school/college athletes, anyone can join LootGirls and use this space to outset their journey in the virtually-real world.

LootGirls- introduction to our female athletic ambassadors

Sofia Chepenik, Lacrosse (190k followers and over 2.5M likes on TikTok)

Sofia Chepenik is a determined, strong-willed freshman Lacrosse player from Clemson University. She is the fourth of four kids (one brother and two sisters) and has two dogs with whom she loves spending time with. In her freshman season, Sofia was leading all freshmen in goals and points and has been slated to become the acc freshman of the year. Her pre-collegiate accolades include a three-time Team Captainship and MVP of her high school, three-time Northeast Florida All-First Coast honors, three-time All-American, two-time US Lacrosse All-American, US Lacrosse Jackie Pitts Award winner, along with receiving a nod as a Gait top-20 All-Star in her senior year. She aspires to play for Team USA. She is an extremely competitive leader with a high IQ and field vision. Sofia looks forward to inspiring and empowering the next generation of female athletes.

Holland Methe, Cheerleader (Instagram- 45k followers; TikTok- 55k followers and 2.5M likes)

Holland Methe is a D1 coed cheerleader, representing the team Florida at Gulf Coast University in SWFL. She started her collegiate athlete journey in Louisiana at Nicholls State University, where she competed at the NCA College Nationals competition and she was placed in the 7th rank in the nation with her team of coed. Cheerleading has always been a passion for Holland. She also stayed heavily focused on her academics. And has pursued a degree as a Health Science major, along with a concentration in Occupational Therapy. She plans to be an advocate for special education students’ rights and their mental health. Holland enjoys volunteering in the community outside of Volleyball.

Andie Harding, Track and Field (almost 100k followers, TikTok)

Andie Harding is a Cross Country and Track Runner athlete from Albany, New York. She was born on July 24, 2004, and has served the community by working with local homeless shelters during the pandemic. She attended IMG Academy in Bradenton for her senior year of high school to prioritize her future athletic career. Andie is a dedicated, hard-working student-athlete at the College of Charleston. The everyday grind of a student-athlete has not only made her a better athlete, but it has helped her to be diligent with her schedule so that she can excel in her studies too. She is passionate about the fashion industry, and entrepreneurship, and she loves traveling to new and exciting places. She plans on majoring in the subjects of Business and Entrepreneurship. She received many awards in her senior year of high school and freshman year of collegiate athletics and was named the Most Improved Runner in her senior season. She was a member of the All-America team in the distance medley relay with a fourth-place finish at Nike Outdoor Nationals in 2022. Andie aspires to combine her passions with her career to make the world a better place.

Caleigh Haetten, Beach Volleyball (over 2.7M likes on TikTok)

Caleigh Haetten is a division-1 collegiate Beach Volleyball player at the University of North Florida. Her love for the community and culture influenced her and bought personal growth both on and off the court. Caleigh is a diligent student-athlete and she plans on continuing school to pursue a master’s degree in Psychology. She is aiming to be a sports psychologist in the future. She believes mental health to be a very personal and important topic, so she would love to give back to the next generation of athletes. Other than volleyball, she also loves fitness, travel, and fashion! She would love to inspire others and promote brands that she is passionate about. Haetten is always striving to learn and grow as a person with every new experience, including connections that she has made on different social media platforms.

LootGirls- Uniqueness and Mission

In an online world where selling a product to influencing people in masses to join big movements is made possible, carrying forward and spreading a mission of bringing sports fanatics from around the world together is possible too.

Now that you’ve read about our four budding women athletes, you must have noticed two things that make all four of them distinct yet unique at the same time. Dynamic social media engagement along with a handsome numerical follower count on most popular social platforms is the first key that rightly serves the purpose of influencing and empowering other women athletes. While the second point is the involvement in the field of sports that is away from usual.

How many of you have heard of sports like Lacrosse and Beach Volleyball and are aware that they’re played at the international level? Not many! And the sole reason for it is the lack of recognition and awareness of such sports as they didn’t receive enough popularity like Football or Basketball did.

Wrapping up

To finally throw limelight, empower young women, and provide the well-deserved recognition these sports should receive, LootGirls was created. There cannot have been a better way to do it than onboarding budding female athletes who themselves are involved in these sports and are also actively occupied in social media to add an extra dimension to our platform as a whole.

Women empowerment in web3 meta space via budding female athletes (LootGirls) from offbeat fields of sports will rightly execute the notion and revolution LootMogul is working to bring forth.




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