All About LootMogul Trading Card Digital Collectible Collection

What are NFTs, and why is it important?

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets representing artworks, videos, GIFs, images, lands, in-game assets, and even memes. The NFTs are not interchangeable or replaceable. Think of it like the painting of Monalisa. Although it has copies, the original one possesses value.

What are LootMogul Trading Card NFTs?

Just like the rare trading cards we collect physically from different genres or characters, digital trading cards are similarly collectible. The value of unique trading cards is astonishing, and finding the best one is much more of a challenge. Even though it cannot be attained physically, trading cards serve more critical purposes like creating revenue and the feeling of possession.

Why should you consider collecting them?

It is no surprise that the value of a rare item will upscale you. Apart from the feeling of possessing a unique asset, these trading cards will also have specific benefits to the owner. The benefits vary as follows:

  • Each card owner can utilize the card for in-game activities inside the metaverse
  • All the trading cards are applicable to trading in the global NFT marketplace
  • The athleisure trading cards will have real-world access to the products
  • Upgrade your level in games

How to collect the LootMogul Trading Card NFTs?

Here we will discuss the step-by-step process of how to purchase the NFTs.



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LootMogul is an influencer-led sports metaverse gaming platform powered by exclusive properties, NFTs, and token rewards for the fans and business community.